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When I first began at Pura Vida, I had one goal in mind: to lose weight. I began by utilizing the classes provided as a way to become more active and burn more calories. While I did accomplish weight loss during my first few months at Pura Vida, I also gained so much more than I ever expected. Through practice, I learned to set goals and intentions, and give gratitude to myself for my efforts (as well as gratitude in other things). My goals quickly became so much more than just weight loss. I found that my goals evolved to include releasing stressors from my life, gaining strength, opening my mind, and so much more. I found strength within myself that I never knew that I had, and became so much more aware of my mind and body. This unintentional gain helped me achieve a confidence within myself that I never knew that I had. I pushed myself further than I ever expected. I look forward to the challenge of each class, and the satisfaction I leave with afterwards. I always leave feeling so good about myself. Outside of my own mat, I also have gained connections with the caring and supportive staff at Pura Vida, as well as others within the classes. One thing that I was so worried about before beginning my very first yoga class, was being judged. These worries were quickly extinguished within my first class, when I was encouraged to accept where I was and grow from there. I was able to do this with the various levels provided with each pose. I am so blessed to have Pura Vida as a part of my life. I am internally grateful for the confidence, strength, and mindfulness that they have brought to my life.