Session Prices & Wellness Plans  


New Client Special 14 days unlimited sessions | $35

Drop In Session | $18

5 Session Pass | $85

10 Session Pass | $165

Wellness Plans:

Month to Month Unlimited Wellness Plan (Manual) | $92

*includes unlimited in clinic, online, & pre-recorded sessions 

Monthly Auto Renewal Wellness Plan  | $82

*includes unlimited in clinic, online, & pre-recorded sessions


Annual Membership $985

*Includes Live Virtual and on Demand 

Non Member Video on Demand $25

*includes pre-recorded only 

*All prices and plans include yoga and barre. There are no refunds. If you are in class and choose to leave for any reason, our service has already been rendered to you and there will be no refund, no charge cancellation, no chargebacks, and no exceptions.  We reserve the right to refuse service, change pricing options, and or cancel class at any time for any reason. 

Individualized Wellness Plans:

Price varies per individual and services desired. Email to inquire. 

We offer individualized wellness plans to fit your needs. Email us and we will set up a phone call to discuss your goals and desires around a wellness plan. We can include yoga, barre, energy healing services, private sessions, pre-recorded sessions, and personalized meditations/practices meant for you. We can assist in weight loss, increasing mental health and wellness, and more. 


45 Minute Private Sessions/ Healings


Yoga | $85

Reiki Healing | $85

Pranic Healing | $85


Private Yoga Therapy Session

Coming Soon....




Intro to Ayurveda

Learn Your Dosha  

Inversion Clinic  

Deepen your practice

Pranayama Clinic

Intro to Permaculture  

* Workshop dates & prices vary. Download our app or visit our Facebook for a list of upcoming workshops and events. 

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Price varies on training. Please click the green link below to explore our current trainings and prices. 

With lead trainers: 

Sonja Hansen &

Co/facilitator Gabbi Hansen


Mat Rental | $1 

Bottled Water | $1