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We offer a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training anchored in traditional yogic philosophy and alignment, a 3 Day Barre Teacher Training rooted in proper anatomical alignment and low impact movement, a variety of continuing education classes, yoga facilitator internships, as well as occasional in clinic workshops.


Read below to learn more!  

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 


Pura Vida School of Yoga is deeply rooted in traditional yoga foundations, inner self reflection, and proper anatomical alignment. This teacher training is dedicated to those with a desire to instruct

Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Nidra, Meditation and Pranayama practice- as well as those wanting to deepen a personal yoga practice and strengthen the mind/body connection. 

At Pura Vida we believe that becoming a yoga instructor is about more than guiding a physical practice, but about embracing yoga for the well rounded lifestyle it is- with a strong mind/body connection at the center of our school's focus. 

As a Mother/Daughter duo- it is our intention with Pura Vida School of Yoga to spread the traditional teachings of ancient yogic practices that assist us in returning to the inner self, to as many people as we can. Yoga has impacted our lives so significantly in unique ways, that we have dedicated ourselves to guiding others through not only this practice, but the teaching of this practice.

Yoga teacher training is a 200 hour course filled with posture clinics, class style lectures, inner and outer connection activities, self reflection, personal development strategies (& more!) meant to provide you with the knowledge needed to guide a variety of dynamic asana, pranayama, and meditation classes. You will also learn a variety of tools used to quiet the mind and assist you going inward.

Our inner self is free from past experiences, stories we may have told ourselves, criticism 

from self and others and all forms of judgment. Guiding a yoga class from that inner space allows those you are guiding to also connect to that space within themselves- and that is where yoga has the opportunity to become deeply healing and very personal for the practitioner. 

We believe yoga and this training will help you to embrace productive communication, inner strength, and find deeper, more meaningful connections within your relationships- just like it did for us! 


8 Limbs of Yoga - Human Anatomy & Physiology - Yoga History - Vinyasa - Yin - Hatha - Pranayama - Meditation Yoga Nidra - Energy Anatomy - Effective Teaching Techniques - Traditional Yoga Philosophy - & more! 

What to expect: 

- Lots of yoga! You will be practicing a lot of physical asana's, breathing, and focusing and finding a stable structure within each pose. We recommend you have at least 6 months of (recent) experience doing yoga before taking this training. 

- There will be other people that will embark on their own personal 200 hour yoga teacher journey, right along side you. This is to provide a space for the emotional, mental, and physical support of a group dynamic offers, while giving you the opportunity to go take your training inward and reflect. 

- Self reflection and inner personal development. You get what you put into this training- we highly recommend giving it 100% of you. 

ANY and ALL tuition paid is NON REFUNDABLE! 

If for any reason you are unable to attend, you will have the option to put your funds towards one of our future trainings. This is non negotiable.  We also offer payment plans up until the week before the training for an additional $250 . Email us to inquire. 


35 Hour Barre Teacher Training 


Our 500 ERYT & RYS owner Sonja Hansen also has a MYSI Barre Certification and 20 + years of experience  in the fitness industry as an instructor, personal trainer, and nutritionist. The focus of Barre in this training is to build lean muscle, strengthen major & minor muscle groups without injury in creative & dynamic ways that incorporate cardio, ballet, core pilates, and optimum spinal alignment at all times.  (For 200 hour RYT graduates, personal trainers, and those with fitness experience.)

Barre is an incredible low impact work out that most anyone can do. It is great for building strength and muscle in a safe way that also increases mobility. This training is 35 hours long, and a blend of book work, class style lectures, and practice teaching in clinic at Pura Vida Barre & Yoga. The hours will be packed with learning as well as a lot of movement. We will review the curriculum below which is all in our Pura Vida School of Barre manual. 


Anatomy & Physiology - Optimum Spinal Alignment Posture - Effective Teaching Techniques - Dynamic & Creative Sequencing - Modifications & Contraindications - Breathing Techniques

What to Expect:

- So. Much. Movement. You will need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of each movements proper anatomical alignment. Except to be a bit sore! 

- The number of students in this training depends on how many Leads we have available. If you are interested in a private barre training- email us...we do one on one's! 

-You will need to have a basic understanding of the human anatomy and movement- this course will build off of that basic understanding. 


“Sonja, I got a job with a studio! And I want to thank you so much  for preparing me for success. So many people think I’ve been teaching, they’ll ask what studio I was at and have no idea how green I am. I thank you for that. Thank you for taking the time to ensure we understood the curriculum, the flows, the tricks, the tips. You really helped me feel and be successful and I am so grateful to you!”




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