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Sonja Hanse Founder
Sonja Hansen

Owner, ERYT500, Healer, Movement Specialist 

Yoga, Barre, Reiki, & Pranic Healing

Gabriella Hansen 

ERYT200, Movement Specialist, Manager

Yoga & Barre

Alyssa McEwen 

Movement Specialist 


Jolene Szendre



Cory Hansen

Partnering Physician 


Chase Fairchild



Jill Klepach

Movement Specialist 


Heather Constance

RYT200, Movement Specialist 


Lexi Burke 



Heidi Juarez



Scott Bay



Hailey Say

RYT200, Massage Therapist


Madi Lenzke



Sonja's love for fitness, health, and well being has lead her in many directions in the fitness industry, with her final destination being yoga and the mind body connection. Sonja is a 500 ERYT on the Yoga Alliance registry, a Reiki Master and Pranic Healer, and certified in Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Barre, Pranayama, and more. She is almost finished with her current yoga therapy training. She loves personal growth and sharing her time and space with others that desire inner growth, connection, inspiration, and empowerment through self awareness. She loves her family and her small dog Milo. Her mission as our founder is to create a space for individuals to gather and meet in an environment that fosters personal growth, development, and freedom to be genuine. 

Gabbi started her yoga journey right out of high school in 2014. She moved from the Tri Cities to Utah where she continued her personal practice at a local studio and classes through DSU where she studied Psychology. When she began working at the local hospital she discovered a deep passion for health and wellness, and loved connecting to people. Her curiosity and love for the practice grew and she decided to move to Kennewick in 2017 where she received her 200 hour yoga teacher training one- on one with Sonja Hansen. She is an 200 RYT, barre fitness specialist, and trainee facilitator where she instructs at Pura Vida. She recently obtained her Permaculture Design Certificate and loves outdoor activities, gardening, and learning. 

Alyssa started playing sports at a young age. She grew up attending her 3 older brothers sporting events and fell in love with fitness. She was born and raised in the Tri Cities, graduated from Kennewick High and then went on to play Division 1 soccer in Utah. That is where she met her husband who she has 4 children with. After college she continued her fitness journey through personal training, group classes, and sport specific training. She fell in love with helping other reach their goals. When she was introduced to Barre- she was hooked. She became certified through Barre Above and began instructing at Pura Vida where she feels blessed to do what she loves surrounded by wonderful people.

Jolene discovered yoga in 1998 while trying to heal from chronic pain cause by consecutive car accidents. As it helped to heal her body, she developed a desire to gain deeper knowledge and understanding about the practice. She completed her 300 hour yoga teacher training with Sarah Joy Marsh at Amrita Yoga in Portland, OR. After teaching in Portland she moved to Kennewick and in 2014 completed an additional 200 hour yoga teacher training. For Jolene, yoga has become a joyful journey of awakening through present moment awareness, curiosity, and playful exploration. She and her husband Darren have 5 wonderful children they love dearly. 

Dr. Cory Hansen co-founded Eye Care Associates of West Richland in 2010. He received his OD degree from the Illinois College of Optometry based in Chicago after completing his undergraduate studies at Central Washington University. Dedicated and knowledgeable, Dr. Hansen has a thirst for learning and research which compliments his desire to share his knowledge with patients. He enjoys any activity where gets to enjoy the outdoors, especially mountain biking, exploring, skiing, and doing yoga in his free time. Dr. Hansen resides in the Tri-Cities with his wife, Sonja, and their three daughters.

In 2013, Chase reluctantly attended his first yoga class at Arizona State University. By the end of the semester, he knew he was hooked for life! For the rest of his academic career, Chase supplemented his studies in media and communications with a healthy dose of yoga asana and philosophy. After a brief sojourn from yoga while establishing himself as an event producer in Los Angeles, he made the effort to reintroduce a regular practice into his hectic schedule. His 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Costa Rica allowed him to combine his dedication to improving his yoga practice with his love for traveling, scuba diving, and learning about new cultures. Chase is always on the lookout for his next adventure!

Growing up Jill participated in gymnastics, ballet, and was on her high school’s dance team. She has always loved dance, movement, and music in a group setting. She discovered Barre in 2011 and spent years as a student taking classes regularly and trained in Seattle, becoming certified through Barre Above in 2018. She taught Barre classes at a Pilates studio in Yakima prior to relocating to the Tri-Cities and joining Pura Vida as a student and an instructor! Jill loves being able to share her love for Barre with others and form lasting connections and a rooted sense of community doing what she loves. In her spare time she enjoys her family (including her fur baby dog) and friends, and taking in the beautiful scenery and activities the Tri- Cities has to offer.

Heather's fitness journey started with a love for running that developed through the years. That eventually lead to her stretching and yoga. In 2017 she began her career as a fitness instructor, she loves teaching prenatal fitness. In October of 2021 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Pura Vida School of Yoga, gained her RYT credit through Yoga Alliance, and has been motivated to teach ever since. She has 2 beautiful girls with her loving husband she has been married to since 2011 (and a baby boy due Feb of 2022!). She enjoys gardening, volunteering and being involved in her community, crafting, as well as saving bugs in her free time.  

Lexi started her yoga journey for personal enlightenment in March 2021. She originally joined Pura Vida to take barre classes and quickly fell in love with yoga. She practiced consistently 4-5 days a week, some days fitting in multiple classes. Fast forward 7 months later and she received a scholarship to join Pura Vida's 200 hour training, she graduated the end of October and has been teaching ever since. She loves a good sweaty yoga class...so if you come to her class be prepared to sweat! Outside of yoga she loves spending time with her son Jace who is almost 8. She also enjoys drinking too much coffee, listening to podcasts, and playing disc golf. She is so excited to be teaching yoga here at pura vida! 

Heidi’s yoga journey began in 2018 when her naturopath nudged her in the direction to help combat inflammation and the effects that aging was imposing upon her body. Her thirst for a deeper understanding quickly grew stronger as she witnessed the positive impacts that a consistent yoga practice has. She received her RYT200 hour from Bodhi Wellness Academy of Yoga in 2019 where she studied Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. She then continued her education in Yin at Pura Vida School of Yoga. Heidi loves being active and learning in her free time, she also loves her husband her their sweet fur babies. One of her favorite yoga quotes is: “Yoga is really about the space in between, the journey – stopping to smell the flowers, noticing the billowing clouds in the sky that resemble an elephant and then tripping over a rock and still being able to laugh at yourself. It’s about letting go of all the “stuff” while working on being the best you.”

Scott began his yoga journey while he was recovering from a knee injury he gained due to running. He originally started yoga for the exercise, but found it to be so much more. For him, it became a place of learning authenticity, and how to cast away old ideologies and embrace new ones that better served him. He received his registered 200 hour certificate in Richland, Washington in 2020 and enjoys guiding others through their practice. His newest adventure is a stay at home dad, a role that has been difficult to adjust to but one he is beginning to love. He loves spending time with is wife, their son, and enjoys writing music, costuming, roller skate dancing, and acting.  

Hailey's path of spiritual growth and fitness started at a very young age, at 12 she began wrestling which lead her to compete on a state and national level in high school. After graduation, she began her yoga journey and completed her 200 hour certification with Pura Vida School of Yoga. Since then she has fallen in love with the mind and body connection. Her YTT200 sparked a passion within her and her desire to learn more lead her to becoming a licensed massage therapist in December of 2021. She offers many different massage modalities such as general Swedish massage, deep tissue, cupping, hydrotherapy, the use of essential oils, as well as stone massage. Hailey is so excited to combine the principles of mindful movements and intentional touch to create the ultimate healing combination. She loves all things nature and adventure, she recently bought a bus to start renovating for more travels. She loves all animals, especially her two little free roaming bunnies she adores caring for. 

Madi found her spiritual path unfolding in 2018 after getting dreadlocks to acquire a sense of freedom and individuality. She was given the opportunity to provide dreadlock services to others while creating clientele and connection with like minded people. This is where she was introduced to the mind, body, soul connection. One of the people she met with was Sonja Hansen (owner of Pura Vida Barre and Yoga). She invited Madi to the studio to attend a vinyasa class and this jump-started her love for yoga, healing, and a holistic way of living. She was then offered a scholarship to Pura Vida School of Yoga's teacher training. She jumped on the opportunity and despite the challenges Covid brought along, she graduated in March of 2021 with a deep passion for yoga. She is currently teaching classes and continuing her education with Pura Vida as a facilitator for yoga teacher trainings. During the summer months, Madi's time is spent running heavy machinery on a farm doing hard work she truly enjoys. In the winter, Madi spends her free time snowboarding the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She also loves adventure wheeling with her boyfriend in his International Scout II, where their three large dogs may be riding shotgun. She hopes to one day hike the Pacific Crest Trail and work towards achieving her triple crown.

Who we are

We are a group of fun loving functional movement specialists with a passion for health & wellness who are just simple every day people that are determined to make this world, and community a better place through connection, creativity, empowerment, and love.