Barre Training

Fun and connect with passion for the human body during our 50 hour Barre Training! 


Our 500 ERYT & RYS owner Sonja Hansen also has a MYSI Barre Certification, 20 + years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, and extensive knowledge in health & nutrition.


She has created this Barre Training to certify those of you wanting to blend yoga, pilates, ballet, & light weight training for a well-rounded and highly effective fitness class. Our training is anchored in proper physical alignment & traditional barre practices. 

You will learn....

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology 

  • Pranayama 

  • Alignment of Barre 

  • Posture Clinic 

  • Authentic Voice

  • Connect & Communicate w/ Students 

  • Dynamic & Effective Sequencing  

  • Modifications 

  • Verbal Cues & Assists 

Your hours during this training are a blend of book work and class style lectures while we cover basic knowledge needed, and hours spent practice teaching. In order to graduate with your certificate- you must complete all 50 hours, and demonstrate a proficient understanding of the material taught. 

By the end of this 50 hour training, you will have all the knowledge needed to confidently teach a safe, dynamic, and effective barre class.