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35 Hr Barre Teacher Training

Barre is an incredible low impact work out that most anyone can do. It is great for building strength and muscle in a safe way that also increases mobility. This training is 35 hours long, and a blend of book work, class style lectures, and practice teaching in clinic at Pura Vida Barre & Yoga. The hours will be packed with learning as well as a lot of movement. We will review the curriculum below which is all in our Pura Vida School of Barre manual.



Anatomy & Physiology

Optimum Spinal
Alignment Posture

Effective Teaching Techniques 

Modifications & Contraindications

Breathing Techniques

Dynamic & Creative Sequencing

And so much more!

What to Expect

  • So. Much. Movement. You will need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of each movements proper anatomical alignment. Except to be a bit sore! 


  • ​​The number of students in this training depends on how many Leads we have available. If you are interested in a private barre training- email us...we do one on one's! 


  • You will need to have a basic understanding of the human anatomy and movement- this course will build off of that basic understanding. 

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