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Do yoga and meditation really work? 

There has been a huge increase in the popularity of yoga and meditation over the last hundred years. What has been an ancient and well known practice in many parts of the world has finally made it's way to modern day western science and medicine. The undeniable benefits from both yoga and meditation have sparked the interest of many scientists and health care providers. We have answered a few frequently answered questions below and attached our favorite resources so you can explore the amazing world of yoga and meditation for yourself! 


Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga? No, absolutely not. In fact if you are not very flexible- that is all the more reason to start a yoga practice. With consistency, your flexibility with increase significantly. (Some people begin to feel an overall increase in flexibility after just 2 yoga sessions!) Yoga not only increases your flexibility with each session, it also increases your mobility, sharpens your concentration, and improves your balance. 

Do I need to be in shape to practice yoga? Or barre? No. Everyone has to start somewhere, and all of our sessions at Pura Vida keep this in mind. All sessions are meant for all levels- which also means we might get a group session with a lot of diverse physical abilities. You can expect to sweat and burn calories in both yoga and barre (restorative and meditation sessions being the exception), as well as be encouraged to listen to your bodies limits, rest as needed, and offered variations to fit your needs. Our functional movement specialists will make sure to provide modifications and variations so that all levels and all body types can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Our motto is, "Find your edge- and respect it!" Always encourage growth yet stay mindful that your body has limits and must be listened to in order to prevent injury.     

Is yoga a religion? Or religious in any away? Is meditation religious? No, this is a big misconception in the world of yoga. 

Can I be overweight and practice yoga? What age should I be? 


I am looking to improve, tighten, tone, and build muscle. Can I achieve this through yoga? 

How long should I wait after eating before I go to a yoga class?

How often should I practice? 

Are there different types of yoga? What are they? What is the difference? 

Do I need any equipment for yoga? What should I wear? What do I bring to a session? 

Do I need any equipment for barre? What should I wear? What do I bring to a session? 

What is meditation? What types of meditation are there? 

Is there any proof that yoga or meditation work

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