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Could my insurance pay for my wellness plan (or even individual classes) at Pura Vida? 

The short answer is- Yes, we live in a world where alternative health and wellness services and natural methods of healing are becoming increasingly popular as a first choice in both preventative care, during care, and for recovery and rehabilitation.

Do I qualify? How would I know if I do?

That depends. There are many different scenarios in which a person could qualify to get their services with Pura Vida covered. We will explain a few common scenarios below. Be mindful your insurance company, as well as your chosen plan must be taken into account as well.

If you have recently been injured in any way, you can use both yoga and barre classes as an essential part of your recovery. Speak to your doctor about your experience with these classes and ask that it be recommended as a part of your recovery/treatment plan. Yoga, meditation, and barre (specifically our barre sessions which are rooted in physical therapy) are all proven ways to maintain and uplift optimum health and wellness.  

If you have been involved in an auto accident or are claiming workers compensation, auto accident insurance and workers compensation benefits will cover any Pura Vida services that are used as part of your treatment plan from any and all physical and emotional injuries that accompany trauma.


If you are in physical therapy or any type of occupational therapy, you can ask that sessions at Pura Vida be added to your therapy plan. We can also collaborate with your physical/occupational therapist and provide you with private sessions designed specifically for your needs if desired.

If you have any sort of physical, mental, or emotional medical condition that has been diagnosed by a licensed health care provider and you consider our services here at Pura Vida to be essential in maintaining your health & wellness, your physician can recommend that you use our services as a part of your treatment plan. Often times this is a good option for those looking to be reimbursed by HSA, FSA, or HRA accounts.

If you are overweight and using our services as a part of your weight loss or fitness plan- it is likely you can get services covered or a reimbursement. (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare are among a few that offer some reimbursement plans for this option.)

If you have Medicare Advantage- you get our services covered under your 'wellness plan' option. Call Medicare and ask an agent to help you understand the options within your coverage.

If you qualify under the ACA (affordable care act), have Medicaid, or another government assisted insurance plan- you might be able to cover our services under the mental health plan option. Same goes if you are enrolled in any sort of physical or occupational therapy plans. Ask your insurance provider what options are available to you.

Where do I start?

Get out those insurance papers. Call your insurance company and review your plan and policy. Ask your insurance representative. Ask your human resources department or employer about available insurance options. Ask your doctor to recommend our clinic as part of your care plan. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you find out. We have attached a few common insurance contact pages to help send you on your way to finding some extra financial coverage.

What if none of this applies to me? What can I do?

If you are passionate about health and wellness, and getting others involved- you might like this option....

Under the affordable care act there are actually incentives and small rewards for businesses to create wellness plans contingent with the employees health. Talk to your employer about setting up a wellness plan where you work- we would be happy to collaborate. From discounts, to sessions at your work, to sessions in our studio, we would be thrilled to be a part of your wellness initiative! (One that benefits not only those who join, but your employer as well.) We also have experience with collaborations and setting up wellness plans, so feel free to email us and inquire about this option. We would love to help you out.

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